About Us

Our Mission

La Carlota Hospital shares a message and an integral health model with the entire population that is focused on the needs of the patient his/her family, with professional staff specialized in educating and alleviating pain and suffering in the context of the great Christian hope of a better world.


Montemorelos Hospital and Sanatorium was founded more than forty years ago by men and women of wide vision, possessed by a vocation of service.

Its construction began on August 6, 1946 under the direction of Professor Juan Gil P. and his assistant was the Engineer and Professor Horacio Kelly, both men of grateful memory in the annals of the Adventist Work in Mexico.

The founders were:
  • Dr. Iner S. Ritchie
  • Dr. Raymundo Garza
  • Pastor and Profesor Haroldo F. House
Funds were donated by:
  1. The Governor of the State of Nuevo León, Mr. Arturo B. De la Garza, who bought the land and donated it to the Philanthropic and Educational Civil Association.
  2. The Glendale Adventist Hospital and Sanitarium, California; which donated the sum of $72,750.00.
  3. The Kellogg Foundation donated $145,500.00.
  4. The Philanthropic and Educational Civil Association took charge of all other expenses through the church by collecting donations of thousands of anonymous people whose contribution was decisive for the completion of the great project.

The inauguration and dedication took place on January 25, 1947.

In 1982 a new building for the Hospital was built, not far from where it was originally founded. Also the name changed to Hospital La Carlota. Many people and projects have passed through La Carlota Hospital, but the philosophy and mission remains the same: To be the choice of health and sanitation services for the citrus community. But its service is not limited to a particular region because the Hospital La Carlota serves people coming from the different States of the Mexican Republic, and from abroad.

Over the years, Hospital La Carlota has grown and diversified. It currently has a Vision Institute, a specialized area with state-of-the-art technology, and which, in coordination with various public and private entities, provides ophthalmological attention to the most vulnerable sector of the population.

It also has the Dental Clinic, with oral hygiene and orthodontic treatments. The hospital also has a Healthy Living Center, which promotes health through hydrotherapy, exercise and diet, and a maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, the Food Service was integrated, which in addition to providing meals for hospitalized patients and the Healthy Living Center guests, offers a restaurant service with totally vegetarian foods.

The integration initiated in 2010 with these five areas, plus all the services that each offers, make the Hospital La Carlota a modern health network, prepared and ready to be part of the population's needs. To be part of the change we all need to be healthier and happier people.

Iner S. Ritchie

Dr. Hersel E. Butka