Privacy Notice

Based on articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the possession of private individuals, we hereby inform you that HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC, located at Camino al Vapor 209, Col. Zambrano en Montemorelos, Nuevo León C.P. 67512; is responsible for collecting and receiving your personal data for the use that is given to them and for their protection.

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, this statement explains our information management practices as well as the decisions you can make regarding how your information will be collected and how that information is used, protected and removed.

Likewise, this policy also explains what you should do if you do not want your Personal Information to be used for marketing and/or statistical purposes and how you can change information that has been sent to us.

The HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC may ask you to provide personal information that can identify you. They can also request some information that is optional and others that may be mandatory. The mandatory information may include your name, address, email address, telephone number and payment methods, as well as related comments. Personally identifiable information can be sent to any company related to HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC, in an appropriate manner and with the appropriate infrastructure to handle the request or feedback.

This document contains the following:

  1. A) Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy
  2. B) Collection of Personal Information
  3. C) Purpose and treatment of your Information.
  4. D) Additional Information We Could Collect.
  5. E) Minors' privacy and Web services
  6. F) Information Security
  7. G) Changes in Our Policies
  8. h) Who to Contact

1.- Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By providing Personal Information to HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC you confirm that you agree to the terms of our current Policy as presented in this document.

If you do not agree with any term of this Policy, please do not provide any Personal Information. If you choose not to provide Personal Information, you may not be able to perform certain activities, or we may not be able to provide certain services.

In case you provide your data and we do not obtain your expressed opposition to your personal data being transferred in the form and terms described above, we understand that you have given your consent tacitly for it.

2. - Collection of Personal Information.

"Personal Information" means any personally identifiable information that is requested by HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC in a non-limiting manner, including: name, age, marital status, sex, address, zip code, telephone number, email, school level, RFC, medical history and signature, diseases, family medical history, among others.

The personal data we collect is intended to identify you, notify you about new services or products; communicate about changes in them; develop conferences, studies and programs that are necessary to determine consumption habits; conduct periodic evaluations of our products and services in order to improve their quality; to evaluate the quality of the service we provide, and in general, to comply with our obligations, and for this we require the following data:

Based on the law on the protection of personal data held by individuals, the following data are considered sensitive: religious beliefs, sexual preference, racial or ethnic origin, health condition.

If any information is not necessary, the company will not require it, but those that are explicitly requested must be provided, since in case of not having this information we would not be in a position to comply with each and every one of the obligations contracted with you.

The fact that you provide us with Personal Information means that you are authorizing us to use such information in accordance with the terms of this Policy, which includes your right to limit the use of this information.

For the purposes indicated in this privacy notice, we may collect your personal information in different ways: when you provide them directly through email, telephone, personally or written requests or requests in our centers and offices, when you visit our website or use our services online, and when we obtain information from other sources that are permitted by law.

3. Purpose and Treatment of Your Information

When you provide us with your Personal Information, we will use it for the specific purpose for which it was collected (for example, confidential information, statistics, or to participate in promotions or send samples to you).

We do not share your information with companies that are not related to the operation and activities of HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC except to the extent necessary to complete your transaction and, when we share it, is subject to agreement with such companies to treat it as confidential business information, and in the understanding that it cannot be used for any purpose other than that related to fulfilling its function as such. Nevertheless, at any time you may choose to stop providing this information.

We may contact third parties to administer or analyze the information we collect, including personal information, in order to help us improve our products, services and our Internet sites. Additionally, in the event that you request any product, service or training, we may provide your personal information to distributors or third parties for the purpose of delivering the product or providing the service in question or, where appropriate, the third party will contact you with the purpose of helping you with your request in case we cannot do it directly. These third parties will not be authorized to use your Personal Information in any other way for which it was provided. By policy, HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC. does not sell Personal Information.

We may eventually supplement the information you have provided us with information that has been provided to us by third parties. We do this for informational, statistical and marketing purposes in order to better serve your requirements and offer you products and services that meet your needs.

Finally we inform you that in case we are required by law or order of competent authority, we will disclose your personal information as established by law or by the authority, In which case the authority will be obliged to maintain confidentiality and restricted access to it based on applicable laws and regulations.

On the other hand, we make it known that your data may be transferred to entities of the same interest as HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC national or foreign, with the general objective of fulfilling the purposes for which you have provided your data.

In the event that we do not obtain your expressed opposition to your personal data being transferred in the form and terms described above, we understand that you have given your consent tacitly for it.

4. Additional Information We May Collect

The following describes additional information considered as Sensitive Information that we could collect for a better provision of services and products, for example: Religious beliefs, Sexual Preferences, Racial or ethnic origin, Health Conditions.

In the case of Internet services, we have "Cookies" which are files or pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. The HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC could use "cookies" to gather additional information about you during your visit to our website as well as particular areas you visit on our site and products or services that may interest you through our page. We collect this information in order to be able to adjust our page and our products to their interests and needs. Cookies may also be used to accelerate the speed of your future activities on our pages, for example a page may recognize that you have already provided us with personal information and may not request the same information a second time.

Most search engines are programmed to accept "Cookies". If you prefer, you can program yours to reject "Cookies" or to alert you when cookies are being sent. The restriction of Cookies when entering a website could result in the inability to visit certain areas of our website or receive personalized information during your visit to it. This, in order to make sure that our Internet pages represent the best experience for our users, and that they are an effective source of information. Finally, some pages you visit may use "pixel tags" (also known as "clear gifs") to gather information about how you navigated our pages. This information is used to evaluate and demonstrate how these websites work.

The site may contain hyperlinks to and from other Internet sites, including others other than the sites of HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC. These sites may have different privacy practices to those sites that are described here. Whenever this statement applies only to this site, please remember to read the privacy statements of the other sites you visit. For more information about hyperlinks.

5. Minors' privacy and Web service.

The HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC is committed to protecting the privacy of the information provided in relation to children. All information collected regarding minors, must be provided by the parent, guardian or legal representative of the same. We do not collect personal information directly from underage children.

In relation to the Web service, we inform you that we have enabled the system of use of Cookies and Web Beacons; Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on the hard disk of the user's computer when browsing a specific Internet page, which allows the Internet server to remember some information about this user, including their preferences for the display of the pages on that server, name and password.

Web beacons are images embedded in a web page or e-mail, which can be used to monitor a visitor's behavior, such as storing information about the user's IP address, duration of interaction time on that page, and the type of browser used, among others.

6. Information Security

We take the necessary precautions to keep your personal information safe.

All personally identifiable information is subject to restricted access in order to avoid unauthorized access, modifications or misuse.

If you believe that your right to personal data protection has been harmed by any conduct of our employees or our actions or responses in the processing of your personal data, an individual may file a complaint of a violation of the provisions of the Federal Protection of Personal Data Act or file a complaint with the IFAI, for more information visit

7. Changes in Our Policy

HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC reserves the right to change this policy at our sole discretion. Any new policy will be deployed in the best way to make it known to users; so we urge you to visit our website constantly:, in order to know and remain informed.

8. Who to Contact

It is important to inform you that you have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data, as well as to oppose the treatment of them or to revoke the consent that for that purpose has been granted.

For that, it is necessary that you deliver in writing the request in the terms that the law requires to HOSPITAL LA CARLOTA SC through our Customer Service Department, located at: Avenida Camino al Vapor 209 in Colonia Zambrano, in Montemorelos Nuevo León México; Zip Code 67512, or send the request via email once it is sent to the telephone 018262633188, Ext. 2390 to ensure correct reception.

Your request must be accompanied by the following information: a) Full name, b) Age, c) Marital status, d) Sex, e) Fixed and/or cellular phone, f) Email, g) address, h) copy of official identification.

We will have a maximum period of 5 working days to attend your request and we will inform you about the origin of the same through the area of Customer Service, who will send you via email or, failing that, postal mail, the notification of Rectification and/or Cancellation of your data, as the case may be.

By signing this Privacy Notice or by signing your acceptance, you consent to your personal data and sensitive personal data being treated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy notice and in accordance with the Law of Protection of Personal Data in the possession of Individuals..